I’m James, a 30 something year old Project Manager living in the greatest UK city of Bristol.

Born in Essex, UK (no I don’t own any white jeans or sound like Joey Essex), I grew up in the amazing county of Cornwall south west England. I moved to Bristol in 2007 after finishing a BSc in Computing for Business and Commerce.

Having worked abroad for a number of years in various countries and cities I’m happy to be back living and working in Bristol, one of the best cities around.

Currently working as a Project Manager I find its essential to blow off the built up stress and tension of a day, there is no better way than getting out and exercising. I enjoy running, cycling, swimming and like to think of myself as an enthusiastic amateur at all three. Being a bit of a nerd and enjoying spreadsheets a little to much i really enjoy sports science and capturing training/race data and nutrition.

I enjoy holidaying and like most people wish to do more traveling and hope to incorporate some sporting events in the future with trips abroad.

I can also be found on StravaInstagram and Twitter!

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